End of Year Closing Ceremony for the Academic Year of 2016

             Sarasas Ektra School organised an End of Year Closing Ceremony for the Academic Year of 2016. It was held to thank God and Mother Mary for blessing and protecting Ektra’s teachers, students, and parents. With all the blessings, the learning and teaching together with the activities has made this year a successful one. At the start of the ceremony, the administrators read prayers for Lord, and the Catholic student representatives read the Gospels, the prayers for public, and the teacher’s praise. Then the garland was presented from the students and teachers to express their apologies for anything they might have done wrong throughout the year. After that the Thai and Foreign Teacher representatives congratulated the students who received the school’s scholarships. Lastly, everyone sang “We Are Ektra” and “the Royal Anthem”.

                -  Kindergarten Department (KG.1-3) held the activity on Feb 27th , 2017, in front of Building 1
                -  Primary Department (Y.1-Y.6) organized the ceremony on Feb 24th , 2017 at the Auditorium, Building 6, 4th floor.
                -  Secondary Department ( Y.7- Y.12) held the ceremony on Feb 24th , 2017: Y.7-11 at Court 2 and Y.12 at the Seminar Room


Director’s Speech

           “Good morning, students. This batch is full of talented ones. Some have been in our first Chorus group, which has created a phenomena. I can remember you since you were in the Kindergarten Department. Now you are going to leave your teachers. I hope that you all depart with pure hearts. This is because if we live with hatred, we will suffer until the day we die. On the contrary, if we discard the negative thoughts, we will be carefree. Now you are growing up. Do you think it’s a good idea to live with hate? Please forgive people who always look down on, name-call or bully you. What goes around, comes back around. This is nature’s rule. Jesus Christ taught us to love everyone and treat others the way we’d like to be treated. Isn’t it a wonderful teaching? Just don’t talk badly about others if you don’t want them to talk badly about you. Also, don’t borrow things from others and pretend that you forget to return them. That isn’t a good behavior. If you do that, people will hesitate to help you again.

           On M.I.’s Day, I visited the Nurse Room and found three students there. One pushed another away. That action accidentally hurt the other student,causing arm-ache and bone fracture. Why did the third student have to pay the price for something he wasn't involved in? Think about it.

           Some Y.6 students, some of you are naughty. However, when you saw your juniors I saw your tears, maybe you are thinking about your old times when you were so naughty. You can be naughty, but you shouldn’t be nonchalant, not caring your parents and others. For Y.6 students, enjoy spending your last month and last minutes with your lovely friends and teachers. May you get good grades and stay safe from all dangers during holidays. Love one another. Don’t forget all your teachers. Don’t forget that your teachers are humans and they can make mistakes. If it happens, forgive them.

           Follow me to silently pray together: I love my teachers. Sometimes I was angry with them and hated them. Sometimes I was punished. I understand. They are like our parents. They love us. They might have made mistakes, which we should understand and forgive them for. We won’t be angry and will spend the rest of the time doing good things for them. And we won’t regret it. Good luck, everyone. I love and care about you all.

           Thank you so much, Primary and Kindergarten teachers. You have been so patient with these little naughty students all along. I believe that one day they will think of us and thank us for raising them to be one of Ektra’s Eaglets. I know you love the students with all your hearts and you always do your best with your jobs. Now you may feel a bit sad since the little naughty ones are leaving soon. Anyway, good luck all.”



End of Year Closing Ceremony