GAC ‘9’ Graduation Ceremony


             The late afternoon – early evening of Monday 2nd March was a time for great celebration as the students of GAC ‘9’ received their Graduation Diplomas for successfully completing the international GAC program of studies.

             There was a very good turnout by parents and friends, and the happy atmosphere in the school auditorium continued long after the formal ceremony was over.  Everyone tucked-in to the delicious food prepared by the school catering department, and the discussions and informal photo taking went on till almost nine ‘o clock in the evening.

             After the awarding of the GAC Diplomas, the top scoring students in each subject area were also awarded with ‘Best in Subject’ certificates, based on scores across all three levels of the program (the average scores are in parentheses).  The winners this year were…

           English Listening & Speaking Skills   Mr. Ingeon Kim (93%)
           English Reading & Writing Skills    Mr. Ingeon Kim (90%)
           Social Science    Mr. Ingeon Kim (93%)
           Mathematics  Mr. Dechanut Rapeetanatorn (94%)
         Science    Miss Natcha Khanthachavana (90%)
        Computing    Mr. Jirasin Jarethammajit (91%)
        Business Studies    Miss Nutthanicha Tewintarapakti (90%)


             Following the ‘Best in Subject’ awards, it was time for the ACT / GAC scholarship awards.  Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 and travel restrictions, there was no representative from ACT actually at the ceremony, but Ms. Christine Hoe was here in mind and her words of wisdom for the graduating students were read by our own Vice Director, Ms. Busararat Kirdpermpul.

             The scholarship winners this year are pictured below with School Director Mr. Pisut Yongkamol…from left to right…


    $200  Mr. Watchapol Aroonnual


    $300  Miss Natcha Khanthachavana


    $500  Mr. Ingeon Kim


             This year there was an added bonus for some lucky students, as Solbridge International School of Business, Korea, awarded our students with 9 scholarships to study in South Korea.  These scholarships, three each of 60%, 70% and 80%, were awarded based on students’ scores from three study areas in the Level 2 of the GAC program – English Listening & Speaking Skills (Oral Presentation)…English Reading & Writing Skills (Academic Research Essay) and Business Studies (Research Report & Presentation).  The lucky winners are below receiving their awards from Ms. Piyanan Yanlose from the Solbridge office in Bangkok.


Mr. Jirasin Jarethammajit Mr. Dechanut Rapeetanatorn Mr. Ingeon Kim
    English (L&S) – 60%         English (L&S) – 70%         English (L&S) – 80%    
Miss Chayanich Chettapornpet Miss Natcha  Khanthachavana  Miss Patrika Permpoonwiwat
    English (R&W) – 60%         English (R&W) – 70%         English (R&W) – 80%    
Mr. Nicholas Churchman Miss Rinrada  Bekanan  Miss Nutthanicha Tewintarapakti
    Business – 60%         Business – 70%         Business – 80%    

            All nine Solbridge School of Business scholarship winners with Ms. Piyanan Lanyose

             The scholarships from Solbridge may well be an annual bonus for Ektra students, so they will all be reminded of the importance of doing especially well in Level 2 of the program.

             This evening was a very proud time not only for the students, but for all the parents, guests and the GAC teachers.  It was also a good experience for the younger GAC students to see what lies in store for them over the next couple of years…and a hearty “well done” goes out to all the students, teachers and staff who helped-out to make this occasion such a great success.