Learning Sudoku to Strengthen and Develop the Brain

         Our Infants Department at Sarasas Ektra recently organized a Sudoku competition to help our KG.3 students develop their thinking, planning, observation and analysis skills.These are the key skills needed to learn beyond the basics of Mathematics, ascending/descending numbers and number patterns etc.

         The game was first introduced during our Math lessons to the whole class where eventually, 10 class representatives from each class where chosen to enter the competition. During the second round of the contest students were whittled down to 3 per class and lastly 5 students from the whole year level were chosen as finalists.

          Students were asked to play sets of 4 tables including both horizontal and vertical lines, using 1-4 digits, under a time constraint. They were given a maximum of 2 minutes to solve all 4 sets which enabled teachers to determine which students were good under pressure, able to pre-plan and solve the number puzzles correctly.

          Our KG3 students were able to sharpen their brains, eyes and speed thinking skills, through these Math puzzles. Activities such as these conform to the M.I theory of Spatial Intelligence and logic in Mathematics.