The FedEx Express / J A (Junior Achievement) International Trade Challenge 2017

SARASAS EKTRA Girls in the Elite of the Asia Pacific Region

The FedEx Express / J A (Junior Achievement)
International Trade Challenge 2017

The 11th FedEx Express / J A International Trade Challenge came to a thrilling climax in Singapore last week. Over the previous eight months, some twenty workshops took place across ten different countries – involving around 2,500 students (1,250 teams). Hundreds of young aspiring entrepreneurs from each country battled it out to reach the individual country finals. Then the three winning teams from each country progressed to the Asia Pacific Finals in Singapore.

The countries represented in the finals were Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam

Day one began with some ice-breaking activities for the students to get to know each other. This was then followed by the draw to decide teams: all teams were made-up of students from two different countries, further ensuring the use of English throughout the competition. After some team building activities, the students were taken on an excursion, and for dinner.

Day two began with the official opening ceremony, and the announcement of the details of the finals. Students were to come-up with a “Pet Product” for entry into the American market. They then had a full day of workshops.

Day three saw the students taken to the FedEx Express South Pacific Hub where they were given advice and tips, and then later back at the hotel they were given feedback from the FedEx facilitators as they were all working on their presentations. After lunch, the draw was made for the order of presentations for the following day. Students worked all afternoon and had to submit their presentations late in the evening. Then they worked well into the early hours of Wednesday morning polishing their ideas and strategies.

Day four started with lots of nervous students all eager to get their presentations going. All thirty (30) teams presented in the morning – ten teams in three different areas. The two best teams from each area were selected for the Grand Final.

The six teams to reach the final were:
1. Collera: Kevin Ho from Hong Kong and Taishi Nishizawa from Japan
2. Green Dragon: Jae Hyung Shin from Korea and Vu Hong Anh from Vietnam
3. Wegacy: Phanicha Pichetvarangkul from Thailand and Milo Lam from Vietnam
4. Eren and Ahn: Hannah Ahn from Australia and Xiaorui Wang from China
5. IGNITE: Nathan Peadon from Australia and SukHoon Chang from Korea
6. Everest: Songen Yeung from Australia and Manson So from Hong Kong

All six teams were outstanding in their presentation skills, and they were able to show their research and entrepreneurial skills as well. The judges had their work cut-out, and the scoring rubric was tough. The eagerly anticipated results came out late in the evening. 1st – Team Everest - 2nd - Team Ignite - 3rd – Team Collera Then equal 4th came Teams Wegacy, Green Dragon and Eren and Ahn

Remembering, Ektra had two teams in the Thailand final eight. For the girls from Ektra to have beaten all the international schools in the Thailand finals, was an amazing achievement - they headed to Singapore very proudly. Then for one of the girls to make the Grand Final just goes to show the standard and quality of what is possible at Ektra.

Phanicha was the only student from Thailand to make the grand Final – to be one of the final six teams from a total of around 1,250 teams from some of the top schools in the Asia pacific Region is a truly outstanding achievement.

Congratulations again to Phanicha and Nathanich from 12A for representing Ektra and Thailand in the Asia Pacific Finals. Also, for Vee and Sakgarapong from 12C for reaching the Thailand Finals. Once again, our Ektra students showed their English language skills, their competence, their confidence and their ability to succeed at the highest levels.

Team Thailand before the finals. Team Thailand with their certificates for reaching
the Asia pacific Finals
Phanicha (Thailand) & Milo (Vietnam) Team Wegacy Phanicha and Milo answering questions
All 60 finalists from 10 countries Phanicha speaking on stage
The six Grand Final Teams Nathanich and Jose working on their strategies
Phanicha speaking at a workshop Team Thailand during dinner on day one