AICHR Youth Debate on Human Rights 2017

  “50th Anniversary of ASEAN: Foging Ahead Together Toward a Sustainable Community on 3rd – 6th September, 2017”
          The Ministry of Education had organized a debate competition on Human rights with 10 ASEAN member countries and secondary level students in Thailand.
                                                  The competition was split into 2 parts
    1 . The ASEAN member countries (45 participants)  
    2 . Thai secondary students.(108 participants)  
                                                 Sarasas Ektra sent 3 students namely
    Ms. Pairaya Wangpeeti Yr.12A  
    Ms. Yanisara Kowathana           Yr.12E  
    Ms. Natcha Khanthachavana     Yr.10A  

            The Results

               The students were divided into groups of 6 with students from different schools to present the given topics and choose 12 best speakers to debate. All 3 Sarasas Ektra students were chosen for debate and Ms. Yanisara Kowathana  Yr.12E was award with best presentation team.

Futhermore, the students were divided into 4 groups to debate and the results were:
1. Ms. Pairaya Wangpeeti 2. Ms. Yanisara Kowathana 3. Ms. Natcha Khanthachavana
Yr.12A Yr.12E Yr.10A
Best speaker award Second Best Speaker award Honourable Speaker award
The Awards were given by “M.L. Panadda Diskul the Deputy Minister of Education.”